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I found another product that you might like. It is Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It was the name that attracted me first. God knows I need plenty of grace. This product is a perfumed firming body emulsion. What is that? It is a lotion that helps fight the process of aging that causes the soft tissues of our bodies to descend and begin to sag. I definitely do not want sagging skin. Amazing Grace has a pleasant scent and it helps to moisturize my skin. I also like that it has vitamin c and e in its formula. I notice that the areas I apply it too seem to look smoother and feel more moisturized. Philosophy has many other products you may enjoy. I enjoy some of their bath products too. So many of them smell so good that it is hard to choose. I like to smell good but not overpowering. I like that Philosophy's products smell good but do not overwhelm you with scent.

This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for anything recommended in this post.
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FallingForward said...

Hi sweetie. I think of you so often. How are you? I wanted to post a comment since I'm in blogland today and i hardly ever come anymore. I also wanted to say that I've tried Philosophy stuff before and liked it, too. I loved the peel I bought once bought ran out of the sloughy stuff and still have the serum. Wonder if you can just buy the sloughy stuff? Anyway, I'm doing okay with selling Avon. I wonder if there's a way to put a link on my blog to my website? Hmm. Things to look into when I have a minute. Anyway, I hope your day is blessed. XO