Inferno Strip Award

These are pictures of an inferno strip flower bed that I saw in Fredricksburg, Texas.
An inferno strip is that spot between the street and the sidewalk or fence of your yard that is so hard to keep beautiful because it gets so hot and dry. It is also a challenge because with so much cement that usually surrounds these type of beds there tends to be a lot of alkalinity because lime from the cement leaches into the soil.

I do not know the gardener who planted or tends this inferno strip but wanted to give them recognition at least by publishing pictures of it.
I loved their choices of color and texture as well as drought tolerant and heat tolerant plants

This gardener made a positive out of a spot in their garden that could have easily been very much a negative.

They get high marks from me for their use of varying sizes of plants as well.

I feel this is a beautiful example of an inferno strip flower bed.

I do not have an inferno strip at present and in the past I just left it planted in grass.
I feel this gardener found a much better solution to the problems of an inferno strip
This gardener has a show stopping display. It caused me to stop and get pictures.
Happy gardening and keep up the good work to whoever this gardener is.
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Darla said...

For sure, Kudos to that gardener!!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The wall makes a beautiful backdrop for it too!

Becca's Dirt said...

That is a very nice strip. I never heard of an inferno strip. But it sure does look nice. Becca

Dirt Princess said...

Very nice, they did a great job

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Yes the gardener did a great job, but to really appreciate the success must be accompanied with awareness of failures along the way.. ~ bangchik

tina said...

It sure is lovely. It makes a really big impact.

Bellamere Cottage said...

We live in the NW....I've never even heard of an inferno strip! We're waterlogged here! :-) It is beautiful, though. They must have done loads of research to find the plants that would do well there.

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings and smiles,

Deb said...

I've never heard it called that before...Inferno strip...they did a great job with theirs..great choices...

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I've never heard of an inferno strip either, but I guess it never gets hot enough here to feel that way. They did do a beautiful job, love the wall too.

Susie said...

I didn't know that is what it is called. They did a fantastic job with theirs.

Terry said...

What wonderful photos .
Thank you for sharing them.
Just rode by to wish you a very
Happy Memorial Weekend.
Happy Trails.

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Lots of beauty in those gardens:)
How did you get the words TEXDAISEY on your photos? Great idea so people don't steal your photos!