For The Birds

I thought I would share some pictures of just a bit of my birdhouse collection. I am not sure why I like birdhouses so much. I collect lots of different things and I really do not know why. I do know that they make me feel good and each collection usually began because I found the first piece at a garage sale or antique store or it was given to me. One thing I do know is that each collection has a tiny bit of nostalgia for me. I really do not plan to start collections. It is one of those things that just seems to happen to me. I find one and then before I know it I have many many more. The definition of a collection (as I have been told) is anything that you have 3 or more of is a collection. I do not usually display any of my collections en masse. I prefer to scatter them throughout my house and even out in my yard. One of the funniest things is that I began putting birdhouses out in my yard and in my aviary thinking that the little birds would be so thankful to have such a cute home. I soon found out that the birds actually prefer homes that are much plainer. I have not had one bird live in any of my cute birdhouses. I have decided that it is ok. I will give the birds what they want and I will continue to put the really cute ones all over my yard and house for my pleasure.

I hope you have a really great week!
Until Next Time

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Deb said...

your bird houses are too cute....crazy birds...

Stacey said...

Debbie, you have some really neat bird houses.
That's a great thing to collect. I like that osme of them have the recycled metal on them. Love the mosaic!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Debbie,
Oh, I LOVE your birdhouses! I collect them too and have them all over the house. I don't have as many outside; I will have to rectify that. Have a lovely weekend and have a Happy Mothers Day!


Sincerely Yours said...

Lets try this again!lol Hope it isn't a duplicate! HI Debbie, You have a really cute collection going here! I too like birdhouses and don't know why. I especially like the ones with architectural things on them; I get mine at Michaels on sale but only have a few! Have a great weekend - Jeannette

June said...

I love your houses. The birds evidently have no taste at all. I can't get birds to use any of mine either. But I just keep putting them around.
Hugs, June

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa