A Facelift Without Surgery

Everyone knows that the key to a well toned body is exercise. Boy, do I wish I had done more of it over the years. I have a ways before I can reach that well toned body part. Since I have moved into my late 40's that distance has grown. It isn't that I don't exercise at all because I do like to walk and I love to garden so I do get some exercise. I am one of those people that will actually volunteer to dig a ditch or even dig up the spot where I need a plumber to work. I know it is silly but I really do like digging in the dirt. I just wish it had kept me in better shape.

I thought I would share something that I found for your face that helps it be toned too. It isn't a product this time. It is exercise for your face muscles. When I first heard about it I was surprised but I just had to look into it more. It is called Facercise by Carol Maggio. I first heard her speaking on a talk show and she was showing pictures that were amazing. I bought the book and have since bought the CD's and even the DVDs. It is actually something that really does make a huge difference in the tone of your face. The best part is that you can see a difference very quickly. With these simple exercises you can actually change your face. This includes around your eyes and on your neck. You can go to the website by clicking on Facercise anywhere in this post. There is more possible good news that I intend to check out with this company. They apparently have a technique of using a dry loofah on your body that will cause you to actually lose inches and is supposed to help smooth that cottage cheese looking fat on your body. They call it No lipo lipo. I have not personally tried this one yet but I will be as soon as I can. Who knows, maybe it isn't too good to be true. A girl can always hope. If it really works like the Facercise exercises then I will definitely let you know.
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Bellamere Cottage said...

Whew........I'd better get on this exercise ASAP!

Happy Memorial Day!


Debbie said...

OMG my sister bought a facersize book back in the 90's! I tried doing them for a while, but it gets weird tiring. I do wonder if it works.

FallingForward said...

I have heard of that "dry brushing" but didn't stick with it. If you do, and you see results, let me know! I'll start again!

Cathy said...


What great tips. I'm going to try them all!


Deb said...

I need to give this try...I've lost 30 lbs. and need to tighten things up...