Look What I Have Blooming

I was headed out of town when I glanced over and caught sight of the roses blooming in one of my flower beds by my front door. I just had to stop the car and snap a few pictures before going on my way.

I have no idea what rose this is. It was present when we bought the house. I do know that it is a floribunda which means that there are clusters of blooms on each branch. I love the bright cherry red color and how the roses look like red velvet. I like to cut a bunch of these and put them in a clear pitcher on my table. They really make a nice bouquet for my kitchen.

This pink tea rose was also present when we bought our house. I would guess it to be a Tiffany but I can not swear to it. It has a fragrance like Tiffany and the roses look very similar to other Tiffany roses that I see. It is one of my very favorites because pink is one of my favorite colors. The scent is dreamy.

Roses are heavy feeders and so if you feed them on a regular schedule the re-bloomers will reward you with roses all summer long. I like to feed my roses with alfalfa pellets or powder. I also like to spray them every couple of weeks with fish emulsion. Sometimes my summer gets really busy and in that case,I switch my fertilizer to Osmocote which is a time released fertilizer to help with my time crunch. I like to use organic methods but I am definitely not above using other methods when necessary.

I get blackspot sometimes, so I try to trim off the worst of it and don't let it make me crazy because I know it won't really harm your roses it just looks ugly. I could probably keep it away if I were willing to spray my roses with antifungals on a regular schedule but I just don't want to spray that stuff unless it is absolutely necessary and I don't want to be a slave to the roses. I prefer to enjoy them instead. I try to not water at night especially the roses and I dip my clippers in some bleach water after using them on the roses where there is blackspot. Using these methods helps me keep it down to acceptable levels for me.
When I was out shopping yesterday I found this beauty and just had to buy 2 of them. Have I mentioned that I really like pink? I also picked up a really gorgeous hot pink geranium also. I will try to post some pictures of that one next time.
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Creative Country Mom said...

You can never have too many pink roses! I too cannot resist them. I probably have over 10 different kinds myself. I just have a few blooms so far, but tons of buds. I really enjoyed your post and pics. I will visit again soon.....Brooke

Bren said...

WOW... that pink is my favorite too! LOVE the scent - I can smell it now.
Thank you for sharing and a very happy spring to you.

Outside In said...

Beautiful! the black spot disease is actually
very damaging to rose, I can barely grow them in our area due to the black spot disease. If you do trim it off be sure to throw it away in the garbage so that it does not spread. But your roses looks really pretty.

Susie said...

Can't blame you for liking pink. It's such a great color! Those roses are beautiful.

RainGardener said...

Your roses look beautiful - great pictures of them. Hopefully they will not get black spot and will continue to be gorgeous and give you great pleasure. Nothing worse than worrying about what's wrong with our flowers!

Susan said...

Beautiful roses! I moved to Texas 4 years ago and haven't gotten into gardening like I did when I lived in Atlanta. I planted a hydrangea bush and it died. Your blog inspires!

Connie said...

Your roses look luscious! I love pink, too. I had a Tiffany rose and the scent is wonderful, but I think I lost it this year, as it was colder than usual and it wasn't very protected.

Grace Peterson said...

I like...no wait...LOVE pink! I've got an intense weakness for flowers from light pink all the way to cherry red. These roses are fabulous.

You reminded me that I need to fertilize my 6 new rose bushes. My established ones look great but the newbies look hungry. Cheers

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Hi Debbie, I am a little behind with blogging and it is nice to be back. I always like a challenge, but have no idea what your beautiful red rose is. Nothing like any I have. But I am sure someone will come up with a name for you. The pink rose you show, could very well be Tiffany. Does it have a nice fragrance? Tiffany does! The colour is certainly right!

I am very big on geraniums too, which you will soon find out as you follow my blog. I love the one you have just purchased.

I also loved that fact that you portrayed your favourite nursery, that is such a nice compliment to the owners. It looks like a place that I would love to visit. It is just a wee bit far away.

Enjoyed catching up with some of your posts. Thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

Your roses are stunning. I may have to quit swearing them off for pruning reasons and try them out! Love that deep pink one, it looks like velvet from here.

Deb said...

they are so pretty!

Darla said...

Beautiful.........I have zero luck with roses, still trying though.

The Vintage Attic said...

Just stopped by to follow your blog.Thanks for the comments on my blog, I love to hear from people.

Can't wait to see your window greenhouse, and how you create yours..

God Bless, Melissa

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Just beautiful roses!!
Thanks for sharing the photos and your secrets to care for them:)