Wildseed Wildflower Farm

If you are ever in the hill country then the Wildseed Wildflower Farm should definitely be on your agenda. This is one of my very favorite places to visit. It is nestled just outside of Fredricksburg, Texas which is another must see. This place is different every time I visit. They are always adding on and building new features. It was hard to decide which pictures to share with you. If you want to enjoy it at it's peak then be sure to visit in April when the wildflowers are at their peak all around the hill country. It is a sight not to be missed.

The gift shop is beautiful and full of beautiful items. There are wildflower seeds for sale along with fantastic displays teaching all about how to plant them.

As you can see there are masses of items to shop for. I so enjoy the architecture of the buildings. They are amazing and massive.

When you step outside the back door of the gift shop this is what you might see. Again, the stock and the displays and even the buildings are different every time I visit.

I could easily spend hours here enjoying the plants, gifts, garden decor and all the display beds.

The patios echo the same architecture as the gift shop.

It is so charming here and a peaceful beautiful place.

The plants are beautiful and there are always so many to choose from

The display beds are amazing and beautiful

One time we stopped by and there was a new bell tower.

The bells make the most wonderful sound.

There are pots and urns and so many garden ornaments to choose from.

I even enjoy pulling the little wagons around to shop with. (no this isn't me in the picture)

There is also a snack bar where you can get something to eat or a nice cool drink. They also have the most amazing peach soft serve ice cream when the peaches are in season.

There are chimneas for sale and amazing ideas on how to use them.

You will also find my favorite the Texas Star everywhere. Big ones, small ones and they even sell them. I love to hang them on my house and gates.

The patios are such a peaceful beautiful place to relax that my husband even enjoys coming.

Do not miss going into the display gardens, butterfly house, and wildflower fields. They are very much worth the price. Something you do not see are the beautiful water gardens. I am saving those pictures for a post on Behind My Garden Gate.

There are so many different display beds that it will absolutely overwhelm.

I get the most amazing butterfly pictures in the butterfly house.

Again, the pictures I have shared are only a tiny bit of what there truly is to see

There is always something blooming in the fields.

You will not be disappointed if you choose to visit here.

Until Next Time

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Q said...

Dear Debbie,
I have amde a note to visit here the next time I come to Texas! This looks to be an amazing place.
I bought two small Texas stars and an iron cowboy for my travel room when I was in the LRGV in January and February this year.
Looking forward to reading more about your Texas travels.
Thank you!

ann said...

What beauty.You apparently get out alot and have alot of beauty here to show off our Texas.Work on it girl.Please.....Anything worth having,doesn't come easy,does it?...Ann

Deb said...

oh my gosh what a wonderful place to visit! I love the butterflies

Bellamere Cottage said...

I think there is a very high concentration of talented people in Fredricksburg. I have heard so many stories on HGTV and in magazines from the gals there.....I'd love to see more!