Wildseed Water Gardens

I know you probably thought there couldn't be anything else that I could possibly show you from Wildseed Wildflower Farm but I thought I would put all the water gardens from Wildseed together in one post. It is that time of year when gardeners like to start new projects in their gardens and I have been considering a water garden of my own. I tested the waters the past 2 years with an above ground container water garden and it went pretty good so I am looking at a spot to install an in ground pond. No weddings to pay for this year like the last 2 summers so hopefully it can happen this year. I love to see how other people do it for some of my best inspiration. Many times my finished project is a combination of several others that I have seen. Many of the pictures below are best viewed in the larger version so be sure to click on them to enlarge and see the details better.

I enjoy how they use different flowers around their water gardens .

I really like the waterfall below. I definitely want to incorporate a waterfall into my water garden. I love how the sound makes you feel cooler on a hot day.

This waterfall is really cool how it is backed up against the wall of the building.

I don't know, maybe I need more than one water garden.

I have noticed that it seems harder to keep smaller ponds so I think I need a big one with lots of water plants in it to help it stay clear. I did get a little hint from a local lady who used to keep many water gardens. She told me to put a few drops of liquid bluing (like what is used for laundry) it helps to shade the water so that it doesn't grow algae. I tried it & it worked great & was much cheaper than some of the products made specifically for ponds. It did not harm my plants at all & she assures me it will not harm fish.

I just love how a bridge looks over a pond but I'm not sure it will work in the spot I have in mind. Maybe on the next pond.

A tree next to the pond looks really cool but one must choose wisely so that it doesn't grow to shade the pond or drop leaves into it. I could possibly put some of my potted trees near it.

This one definitely has 70 percent of the surface covered with plants. I hear that is one of the keys to keeping your water clear and healthy.

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gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love water gardens. I wish I had room for a much larger one. I say go larger than you think you want, especially if you have the space. You have lots of great inspiration here. I've heard of the bluing trick too. I only had problems with green water the first couple of years. Now it clears on it's own after a few days. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Debbie said...

What an awesome place. I have a small pond, it gets too much sun and therefore too much algae. We did attempt cheap goldfish from Walmart in it (named what else - Wally and Marty) But they made it all summer. We're talking a deeper, bigger one. Hubby wants koi. I'm not up for all that yet though.

Susie said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place to visit. Those ponds and falls are fantastic! I would love to have something like that in my yard. They really do make you feel cooler in the heat.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Awesome views! What a great place to visit! I went through your previous post of Wildseed Gardens and my, what an amazing place. I'd go crazy in a place like that!!

Thank you for following my blog. I'm following yours too! Have a great week!

Tatyana said...

Your post made me want to put a pond in my garden!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Debbie~~ I'm a first timer. Nice blog. Love the Wildflower Farm photos. They're especially appreciated now when so many of us are flower-starved. I've received the Wildflower Farm catalog for several years. Their prices are great. I had no idea the quality of the display gardens. Looks like a lot more than wildflowers grow at Wildflower Farms. I've had two ponds for several years. They add a much needed kinetic ambiance to the garden. We've had fish but raccoons enjoy fish way too much. Since their demise indigenous frogs have taken up residence. Early March is when they start their croaking/mating rituals so it's getting noisy. But we love it. Setting up a pond is not all that difficult. I look forward to seeing your masterpiece.

Victoria said...

Hi, Debbie, your garden is so gorgeous! You can never have too many ponds. I have two small ponds (containers really) as well as a bigger one and they are not nearly as much trouble, if that's any consolation. They are in more shady positions, which keeps the algae at bay, but they are shaded by evergreen plants, so there is no leaf drop (or not much). I think I would be tempted to swap them for some Texas sunshine, though.

Brenda Kula said...

I picked up some of that blue stuff to dye the pond water till the plants spread out at Lowes. Two weeks later and my left thumb still has traces of blue dye! And I know I dyed some of the large rocks out there with big stains. But, like you, I needed to clear up the algal bloom.

Titania said...

You have chosen some beautiful water gardens to show and to choose from. A pond or two with perhaps an adjacent bog garden enhances the garden and adds extra interest. I have three small ponds; they need always cleaning as I have a lot of trees that shed leaves. They are sparkling and beautiful on rainy days! It is also nice to see the raindrops dancing on the water. The Goldfish have a feast when it is raining they really frolic in the water.


Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

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