We Have A Winner!

This Sweet print was won by Sonia at Vintage Rose Designs!!!

Now, to share a little pink eye candy, this is a picture of my pink princess phone. Most little girls long to be a princess. I always wanted a princess phone too and pink was the color that pleased my heart. Our hearts long for a destiny that we know belongs to us, we just aren't quite sure of how to come into that destiny and longing. We know we are meant to be part of something greater.

Here are some of my perfume bottles. I love pretty glass. I think it is the patterns and shapes as well as the color that attracts me. it is so delicate and beautiful yet has such an important job in holding something precious and costly like perfume.

This is an antique hobnail vase that my mother gave me. She has a collection of them in many different colors. They sparkle like jewels. I love to sit them on window sills so I can see the light shine through them and how they glow. We are like that when we let the Creator shine through us as we were designed. We glow and become even more beautiful.

This is a silver plated tray painted with pink paint and roses. I find it special because it is so beautiful yet under all that beautiful painting is precious silver. So many times we are taken with the surface somewhere and we then miss the precious beauty deep inside, waiting to be revealed.

This is a vintage coffee pot painted with pink paint and roses it reminds me that even things of simple service can be very beautiful.

This is a sweet pink birdhouse have you ever noticed how men wear their jobs but women wear their homes. There is just something about our nest that is important to us.

This is a vintage tray painted recently, it was just an old simple tray but with just a bit of time and care it was made to be beautiful. People are like that too.

These are some sweet pink dessert plates. They are so pretty that I have a hard time eating off of them, so I hung them on the wall to see their beauty all the time. Oooolala!

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Stacey said...

Very pink and cottagey! I like them alot. Your phone is fun...I always wanted one of those when I was a kid.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Debra,
What lovely pinks! I love the birdhouse, the plates, and the phone. I do so love pink. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.


Spanish Princess said...

Congrats Sonia! I love all your pink stuff, especially the plates and other china pieces.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Yayyyy!!! Thank you so much Debbie for hosting the giveaway. Its first time I ever won anything really!!
I love your pink lovelies especially the perfume bottle and hobnail vase. Did you paint those pieces?
Just lovely,

Lady-in-the-Making said...

Congratulations, Sonia! Enjoy!

June said...

This blog is so lovely. I also visited your garden blog and loved it as well. Thankyou for sharing all the pretty pink

ksarra said...

Your pink treasures are sooo pretty. That little hobnail vase reminds me of my MawMaw. I also really enjoyed your insight and perspective into TRUE meaning and beauty!

joycee said...

Oh, this is right up my alley! I love anything pink or heirloom (as in Grandma passed it down!Thanks so much for coming to visit at grannymountainblogspot! I am new to blogging but having so much fun posting the "stuff in my head!"

Deb said...

love all your pink!