Texas Countryside

I thought I would share a few pictures from our beautiful Texas Countryside. I took these on a beautiful late summer day. It was one of those gorgeous mornings that everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to capture my gaze. All of these pictures were taken along the highway between Seymour and Albany, Texas. This area used to be known as part of the Great Western Trail. Right before I got these pictures I saw 2 cougars (not together) several deer, some wild turkeys and many other critters. Most days you might catch a glimpse of one or two types of critters but this day was different. There was beauty everywhere.

It was almost like this cow posed for me.

The sun even cooperated with me. Giving me wonderful light to capture in my pictures.

This bridge is very close to Fort Griffin between Throckmorton and Albany Texas. It is no longer used for traffic but the State thankfully left it for tourists.

I captured these shots from the bridge

The picture below was taken in Throckmorton. I believe this piece is called "Been fishin" It was created by a local well known artist, Joe Barrington. I love the sense of humor that his sculptures have. One can see many of his pieces around the area.

These little sunflowers are beloved by hunters. The birds love to eat these.

The prickly pear cactus is a common sight around this area. The red fruit is edible. Many people make jelly out of them. I believe the cactus can also be a source of lifesaving water for anyone in need as well .

Cattle are also a common sight. Many are raised for the beef industry but many are also for the rodeo and cattle shows.

I just love how these look when the sun shines through them

Texas has many many beautiful wildflowers.

More Texas wildflowers

I thought this little guy had beautiful markings.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of the Texas countryside. Y'all come back sometime.

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CIELO said...

thanks for taking me to the awesome Texas countryside... I enjoyed my tour! ;)

We are celebrating the arrival of spring with a party, come see! ;)


Q said...

I just loved this tour of the Texas countryside! Thank you!
I have a travel bug that I think you will understand!

ann said...

Yes,our Texas is quite a state.and we do love her.You need to come by my blog and pick up your Texas pride button and a cowgirl Button from Ms Dixie,ok?...Ann

Chandy said...

Oh, don't close down this blog. I'm new here in Texas, only 2 year resident and I'm always looking for "recommended" places. I love the pictures and seeing the wild sunflowers that grow in among the weeds. And my children love to see more countryside.

הסעות said...

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