One Time When NO NO Means Yes Yes

I am the one who will always tell you the truth about things and I have committed to do that especially for those ladies who are younger than me. I have a news flash for all of you:
"Body and facial hair becomes a problem after you turn 40." You should see the looks of horror that I see after giving that report. I know it is shocking and unbelievable but it is true. I wish they (not sure exactly who they are) had told me so I could have saved up for that day or at least had a working plan going. But they chose to keep it to themselves (I guess because it was a subject not talked about and embarrassing).
I was surfing through the Sephora Web Store one day when I came across this little beauty called No!No! A little research later and I was purchasing it. I have waited years to get something like this. I am not one of those lucky girls who can shave once a week or even once every two weeks. I am an everyday kind of girl and that gets so very old after 45 years. In fact if I could splurge on any beauty treatment it would be laser hair removal. I just haven't yet because it only lasts 5 years or so and I just could not justify it in my present budget. This product is a bit spendy but for me worth it. It cuts down the hair regrowth and my legs are so much softer this way than when shaving. I was a bit daunted when I first opened the box and read the instructions but once I began to actually use it I found it to be very easy to use and painless.

On the down side it causes a burning hair smell when you are using it and it takes a bit longer than shaving my legs but I find this to be a mere tiny annoyance compared to the benefits of using the No!No! It exfoliates my legs, it works on all skin types and hair colors, it does not nick or cut, it does not cause sun sensitivity, it does not cause ingrown hair, and there is no mess to clean up. And one of my very favorite parts is that it comes in sparkly pink (I believe it also comes in black). It is also very small (even smaller than most shavers) and so that makes it light and easy to transport. If you are looking for a plan then this might be one you would consider.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for any recommendations or mentions in this post.
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