New Garden Channel And Sweepstakes!!!

I have great news! Better Homes and Gardens has a new garden channel and they are hosting The Spring Awakening sweepstakes where someone will win a new Toyota Prius. I have had a great time checking it out.

Picture Courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens
There is so much on this web site that it was difficult to decide where to start in telling you about it. I am especially excited about the plant encyclopedia and the garden plans areas. There is so much information here that I can not imagine anyone leaving this site without being blessed. There are great pictures everywhere and ideas, ideas, ideas. As if that is not enough there is even a plant shop where you can purchase some of those great products featured in the Better Homes And Gardens Garden Shed Magazine. I have been a long time reader of Better Homes And Gardens Specialty magazines (especially the garden magazines) and I have found them to be so helpful to me in planning and working my garden. The stacks of magazines that I have stashed under the bed, in magazine holders, and even under my couch testify to this. I love their ideas, pictures, tips, plans, plant articles & even the ads (hard to believe I know but I really do like them) I am so excited about Better Homes And Gardens new channel that I just had to share it with you as well. Be sure to stop by and enter the sweepstakes. With the gas prices threatening to go up again we can all use an economical and environmentally friendly car like this.
Picture Courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens
Note: This was not a paid post and there were no goods given in exchange for this post. There was a link given on the BHG garden channel in exchange for the mention of the BHG Garden channel and Sweepstakes.
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Susie said...

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway! That's interesting that BHG has a new channel. Sounds like fun!

Garden Shed said...

Wow a Prius. I will be taking a look at that for sure. Always looking at ways I can help the environment. Thanks for the heads up.

Pun said...

Ha Ha. This blog showed up on my Google Alerts because it thought you were talking about Spring Awakening, the Broadway musical (I'm the blog master for the national tour: http://www.totallytrucked.blogspot.com). But I'm glad I came by it! It's not only a great sweepstakes, but a really great blog. Keep up the great work!


Catherine said...

Wow...thanks for letting us know about the new channel & giveaway! And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with gardening magazines stashed everywhere~including under my bed!:)
Love the pics..especially the last one..is that you in your lovely garden?

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Oh me too! I've subscribed to BHG for years, and love it! That wagon at the top is just precious.