A Sad Story

Due to lack of interest in this blog I have made the sad decision to discontinue posting to this blog. Thank you to those of you who have left comments and followed this blog. I do appreciate you and maybe another time. . .

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Deb said...

oh no I just found your blog, I hope you decide to start blogging again! I will put a post on my blog if you decide to continue

Loretta said...

Please don't leave us. Until I saw you posted on Deb's site I didn't know your blog existed. Be patient the followers will come. There are so many blogs out there that sometimes we only check out the ones we have listed on our blog as followers. We would hate to lose you, my dear sister in Christ. I will list you on my site and spread the word. I invite you to please visit my site and follow my blog too!http://mycountryhome-primgurl.blogspot.com

Charli and me said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Deb. I think it's beautiful. I hope you will decide to continue

Melissa Miller said...

Well my goodness Debra please stay!

We all enjoy you and your blog so much. You just started it right?

The more comments you leave on other posts and events you join in the more people know about your blog.
I do hope you reconsider. It's fun!

Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead.
~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Thanks for following my blog Debra!

I apologize I haven't followed yours until now. I'm not quite sure how I
I overlooked it.
I ALWAYS follow whomever is following mine! My mistake.
~Melissa :)

mbkatc230 said...

Oh I hope you will reconsider. I just found your blog through Deb's and I really like it. We need all the Texas gals we can get here! Kathy

ann said...

Please give it another try.I just found you.I don't know you,so I am grabbing at straws,but have you entered memes?Like Blue Monday or Pink Saturday to get people to drop by and gt to know you.Do you visit alot?(other blogs).My health is bad,so i just get pics off the internet most of the time for my memes.PLEASE TRY one more time.Okay...ann

Wanda said...

I am a first time visitor...hope you will reconsider...I would love to be a follower...I know "no one" from Texas...you would be my first!...I invite you to follow my blog!

bettyl said...

You do have lots of lovely pictures and posts on all of your blogs!

When I started, it was for 'the folks back home' but then I wondered how others got so much traffic and put in a little elbow grease,
(by following the links on other blogs) and VOILE!...over 800 profile views in about 2 months!

Maybe if you combine the photos into one blog for a while it won't be so overwhelming. As you may have gathered, there is a blog cult and you just need to make a little noise--and Deb has started the rally cry for you!

Kelly Bergsing said...

Us southern gals have to stick together. I don't have a ton of people reading mine, I may never. Even if there is one other person out there that enjoys it, and I enjoy their blog, then I will keep on. I had not known about your blog until Deb posted it on hers. Don't quit!! :) I find that when I join in on someone's special posting day, more people come to see what I am up to. If I keep it up, I may make it into the double digits someday... ;)


Lorilee said...

Hi Debbie,
Don't leave now. I just found you. I am always interested in following more Texas gals! I live in South Texas myself. I do have more time to leave comments in the summer when school is out. I am a teacher and the school year can be a bit hectic.

Chandy said...

Hi! First time visitor here... I hope you continue to blog even if for just the recording of your memories. There are a lot of Texas bloggers that you can still get to know... like me! I found you through Deb's! Your background was one of the first ones I chose when I started blogging.

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Debra, :)
Yes, I knew you were familiar and then I checked and realized I was already following your other blog. I do love them all! You really are doing very well with them all.

Thank you very much for visiting today and your kind comments. I really appreciate having friends like you.

Have a blessed week.
~Melissa :)

texasdaisey said...

All of you amazing wonderful bloggers have overwhelmed me. I don't know how I missed so many of your amazing blogs. I am so grateful for all of you. I have been only blogging since this last fall and thought maybe I had heard God wrong on having the 4 blogs. Especially when the others were doing so well. I just wasn't willing to step outside of His plan for me by even one blog no matter how much I enjoyed it. My hope is to put together an e-zine featuring all my blogs together in one piece and even some others who feel led that way. Thank You everyone!!! I am working on visiting all of you and will be adding all of you to all of my blogrolls and following you. You all Rock and again, Thank You. I am working on a new post tonight. The best part about all this is that I have been shown some really amazing new blogger friends and blogs.

Chandy said...

Debbie, you are very welcome! Thank you for liking my blogs as well!

I'm so glad that I saw Deb's blog today. I did a lot of errands and barely got home when I checked to see hers. I almost missed it, but I'm glad I tend to scroll down when I visit hers. I was actually feeling so grateful for seeing some bluebonnets today on the side of the road in Irving. They just looked marvelous carpeting the sides.

Have a great Monday my dear Debbie, tomorrow is just around the corner... I love that butterfly on that echinacea!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hi - I've just found you too, through Deb. I am going to put you on my blog list and hope you continue. Sending very best wishes. A x

Loretta said...

You are most welcome Debbie. Your blog has some awesome photos. Between you and Deb I think I've just about seen the entire state of Texas :) I am gong to visit your other blogs today. Welcome back and I pray your list of followers will grow without boundries! Blessings my friend, Loretta

ann said...

Well,i am so glad.I didn't know you had all these blogs.Could that be the reason?I don't see HOW you can post 4 as good as this one.Maybe....you should combine them all?hmmmm???
Stsrt joining some memes now,ok?????????I am delighted you didn't quit.You seem like such a delight.And a proud Texan...Ann

Happy To Be said...

GM...Ann told me about you and I had to run right over and say a big HI to you..Now your blog is lovely...hope you don't leave..I agree with Ann do a few meme's..let peeps know you are out there..Thats how I got started 5 months ago..and have met some wonderful peeps since that time..Good luck ..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Laura said...

First time visitor, and you had me hooked at the cat's picture! Don't get discouraged - the blog is your outlet, and people visiting is just the bonus! It's a beautiful blog, and I hope you'll continue!

Judanna said...

Thanks to Deb I found your blog. You have a beautiful blog. Your prayers were answered.

Chandy said...

Hello again Debbie! Ann is right, you should let more of us visit you by doing tomorrow's meme, "Outdoor Wednesday" hosted by this awesome blogger, Susan.

here's the link

Your great travels will be perfect for Saturday memes as well called "Sightseeing Saturday" with me and Christine! We'd love to have you join us and show all how beautiful Texas is!


Can't wait to see you tomorrow and Saturday!

Check out those links, visit them for instructions on the meme and watch all the ahhs and wows pour in! You deserve it with all these great pictures!

Bellamere Cottage said...

I'm so sorry about your decision and I'm hoping you'll change your mind. It's hard not to be discouraged if you think no one is interested. I don't think everyone who visits actually leaves a message though........so.......you've probably had lots more visitors than you realize! :-) Lots more...... :-)

Blessings and smiles,

Lisa said...

Hi! Your blog is beautiful! I have always wanted to see Texas and you have let me see more that I want to see! Have you tired joining Pink Saturday? Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com can set you up and Blue Monday http://smilingsally.blogspot.com Are good ways to get people in and visiting. It also give you ways to find new people. Chin up! I will leave you an award on my blog http://pupylov.blogspot.com in a post about your site and You can see from there. You can do it. It is too much fun. I have great blog friends and we can get you up and running!

Hugs, Lisa

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!! I can't believe I just found your site! You can't quit blogging now, just when I am so drawn in to your beautiful pictures and your "y'alls" and "love 'em" and your "thataways"......it's like bein' in my own house. Yep, Southern Girl here (Alabama) born and raised. I have been to Texas only 1 time and it was on a layover. The co-worker I was traveling with had lived in Dallas for a while, so we rented a car and drove around for an afternoon, then boarded another plane and headed back to Bama. I always said I wanted to go back and spend a week. Someday I will.
I really hope you change your mind and continue to take our breaths away with your stunning photography. I will look forward to another post.
Come see me sometime~

ClassyChassy said...

Gee, don't quit NOW! Love the photographs! Come visit and follow all of our blogs - you'll change your mind and meet all of us friendly folks!

mbkatc230 said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by. Just wanted to let you know that I'm a fan of your blog, and to stop by and pick up a "fan award" Kathy

ann said...

ok join these poeples blogs and visit them and honey you are on a roll.see,everybody loves your blog.i'm so glad we found you....Ann

KBeau said...

Don't quit. I just found you. Your photos are beautiful. I never had many comments until I started posting on some of the memes. You probably have more readers than you think you do. I put a widget on my blog that tells where readers come from, and I know there are lots of folks reading who never comment.

Dixie said...

Well Miss Debbie... it appears that we are not going to let you depart from bloggerville until we get a chance to know you a little better! I see lots of ladies here that I blog with daily... all rallying to your side...

Sometimes it does take a while to find your nitch in the blog world... but my dear it appears that you have now found yours... You are a Texas Gal... and we don't go down without a fight!

Come on over to French Lique and join Wordless Wednesday tonight or tomorrow morning... Our Word for the week is Easter... just post a photo (without word or explanation) about Easter and then link back to your post from French Lique... You'll have more visitors than you can stand... and you won't have to write a word!

If you're not sure, come by and see what others have already posted (we get started early on Wordelss Wednesday... usually it's really Wordless Tuesday night... LOL). Come on by! Texas gals are always welcome... and welcome to your very own blogger group of buddies... (sorry about all the typos.. i was going fast!)

God Bless... Dixie

The French Bear said...

Don't give up, some of us just found you girl!!! Hang in there, I love to read other blogs! I'll follow yours right now!!
Margaret B

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Some time it takes awhile to generate readers, while others choose to read and not comment. I say, keep at it. For me I do it for me...it is carthardic. It moves my mind and spirit. Excercise for the brain.
Also, participate in memes, and events hosted by bloggers, such as foodie friday, metamorphasis Monday, worldless wednesday, thrifty thursday (hosted by yours truly). I have gained readers and friends by participation. I am twice the readers that I was before I did those. And not to mention its fun.
I amso comment either by email or within comment sto my readers so that they know someone appreciates what is written, responded to. It makes it a personal experience. Think twice. I hope you will.
But if it really is more of a worry, then I would hang it up. Life is to short, not to enjoy what you do.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

PS hope to see you tomorrow for thrifty thursday, everyone has a treasure to share. and show and tell. I will be waiting for you to link. Smile. Have fun! Life is good.
Happy sunshine day!