When Spring Has Sprung

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! This was one of my favorite posts.  I took these pictures right after we had a terrible thunderstorm with threats of a tornado.  I was amazed at how beautiful everything looked after such a storm.   I hope you enjoy  

When Spring has sprung it is one of my very favorite times of the year! That is when you begin to see signs of new life & flowers begin to bloom their brightest colors. It is right before this time that I like to put down a pre-emergent to prevent weeds. I will sometimes use Corn Gluten as an organic method.

It is in the Spring time that we begin to get the Spring Rains that leave crystal like water drops on everything. This is also when I like to put down my first fertilizer application. I like to use Dried Powdered Molasses. It really makes my grass green & I never have to worry about salts building up or burning of my plants. Sometimes when it needs a shot of energy I will spread white sugar on it.

I just love having pansies grow through the winter. They always reward me with such beautiful blooms.
Look at the heart shape of the violets. Choose wisely where you plant these, they like to spread very quickly. I like to put them in a contained bed in the shade as a ground cover and in my deepest darkest shady areas where nothing else thrives.
Thankfully one of those places is right next to my front door where I get to enjoy them often.
When the leaves on my trees begin to peak out is when I like to do a lot of my tree trimming. It is easier to identify the dead branches. This is a large part of my springtime activities. One of my very favorite garden tools is my gas powered pole saw. I have many many trees to trim and so the purchase was so worth it for me. Much less than hiring it done.
I always plant lots of dianthus at the front of my beds. I love their spicy sweet fragrance.
The bulbs that I planted in the fall are always so worth the work when they reward me with their blooms.
Johnny jump ups are a personal favorite. I just love when they pop up in unexpected places. Many would call them weeds but I just love them.
The daffodils & Narcissus that I planted in the fall are so faithful to give me spring blooms.
Sometimes I like to splurge on English daisys. They never seem to come back from seed for me so they have to be replaced if I want them again and of course our Texas sun really makes them wilt later in the season, but they are so nice when the weather is cool.
When Spring has sprung my diamond dove begin to mate
And so do my zebra finches
And my parakeets as well.
This is when I like to order my baby chicks & ducks

Soon it will be time to let the birds out into the outside part of their aviary. Then I can hear their beautiful sounds & enjoy their bright colors as they frolic in their spring time antics.

Hope you enjoyed this little peak at my springtime garden.
Until Next Time
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gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your pictures are all so pretty and clear. My violets haven't started blooming yet. How nice to have the aviary. I love birds and an aviary would be a dream!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your tips. You have an aviary too? How lucky you are! I'm going to try you tip of using clorn gluten. I've never heard of this or using sugar.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

This time of year I like to visit southern blogs, what lovely blooms! And what a treat to see your aviary and birds, I have always wanted an aviary, how lucky you are, thanks for sharing.

Tatyana said...

What lovely blooms! Not much in my garden, so far.I enjoyed looking at the birds, too. I like the last one with that lowest birdy' wings fluttering.
Debra, thanks for your kind comment on my last post!

Carolyn said...

It is hard not to be a little envious of your spring garden,it will be quite awhile before we can look for blooms.I will have to visit yours for my garden fix! The birds in your aviary are so pretty also.
Take care,

Catherine said...

I did enjoy the peak into your Spring garden...I have Spring fever so bad..& it's too early for anything to be blooming in my garden..so it was nice to see yours!
Enjoy your day!

joycee said...

I loved a peek into your garden! My bulbs are beginning now to come up and the johnny jump ups are my favorite too. I would LOVE to have an area to keep chickens for fresh eggs.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh Tigger is a cutie pie! And I LOVE the beautiful aqua blue of your shed. It almost matches the parakeet! :)


Fishtail Cottage said...

love your post! & all your little birdies! i too have diamond doves :) they are just so pretty to look at! Thanks so much for linking up to my garden party! Hope to see you again next week & please do share the party with your friends! The more of us gardeners that can get together & share is what i am hoping for. xoxo

Fishtail Cottage said...

I love your aviary too! wishing i could do something like this in my back yard - but don't believe the little birdies could make it through the winter out there? Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! I am really enjoying visiting each post this morning with my morning coffee! Hope to see you much more as spring comes into life!