Soon The Wildflowers Will Bloom

Texas is known as the wildflower state. Right now there are no wildflowers blooming yet in or around Seymour, but soon all that will change. The grass will become green, the skies will bring stormy spring weather, and the wildflowers will bloom. The pictures below are from Spring 2008 as I travelled to Colorado City, Texas to see a friend. The wildflowers usually bloom in March and April depending on what part of the state you go to. As you go deeper into the heart of Texas towards the hill country the wildflowers get much much more abundant with every color in the rainbow represented in wildflowers. I thought I would give you just a taste of what it is like with these pictures. They are much more reserved in display in this part of Texas so hopefully these will convince you that travelling to see the wildflowers are definitely worth the trip. The flowers in the picture below are the Texas State Flower the Bluebonnet.

Bluebonnets are a type of lupine. Even now mine in the garden are getting green and preparing for their beautiful burst of blue color. Many people even throw the seeds into their lawn for a beautiful spring time display. The only catch is that it is technically illegal to mow them until after they go to seed & so the grass can get quite high before that happens.

Again, this display is only a small taste of what they can be like. I have seen them bloom in places where the fields and the ditches are just so blue that it is amazing. I especially love them when they mix with some of the yellow & orange wildflowers that also bloom in Spring.
Below you can see a typical scene that I would see in the springtime. Beautiful wildflowers In the picture flowers, mesquite bushes, and cattle grazing.

This wildflower is a ratibida also known as a Mexican Hat. They look very delicate but actually this one is very sturdy. One of my favorites.
This is a yellow version of the Mexican Hat. They are sometimes called cone flowers as well.

I just love how the grasses look on a day like this.
This is a bluebonnet up a bit closer.
Here are some more of our common wildflowers. You can learn about and purchase many of the wildflowers that grow in Texas at High Country Gardens.
Another excellent place to learn more or purchase wildflower seeds and plants is at Wildseed Farms. I just love visiting there. It is outside of Fredricksburg, Texas which is one of my very favorite places to visit especially during wildflower time but if you can not visit during that time the good news is that they always have wildflowers blooming there of some type year round.
Lady Bird Johnson was very instrumental in getting the State to throw out wildflower seeds into the ditches beside the roads in Texas. I am very thankful to her and to many other people in Texas who cast a handful of seeds out near their property.
I have some of these perky Sue flowers in my garden. They do not like a damp spot. In fact the more sun baked the better they seem to like it.
Don't get caught trying to pick the wildflowers or trying to transplant them. That will get you a huge ticket from the state. It is much less expensive to just purchase the seeds.
One of the things I love about Texas is how it can go from gently rolling prairie to really rugged spots in just a short time.
Barbed wire is a common fence material around here.
Here is a picture of a few other types of wildflowers I saw that day.
These are what are known as rabbit hills. Not large mountains but a bit bigger than regular hills. They tend to be a bit rugged.
You know that spring is definitely here when the mesquite leaf out. There is rarely a frost after they leaf out. They are one of the last trees to leaf out. I know many farmers look at them as a water sapper, & a noxious weed but I love them. They say "Texas".
I have some in my yard. They really get beautiful with lots of character when they are allowed to grow old & large. These are some very young trees.
Hopefully some of these pictures have convinced you to visit Texas.
This is a picture I took the same morning as the above pictures. Some mornings will be foggy & mysterious like this. I just love Texas. It is a beautiful & wonderful place to live.

Until Next Time
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Stacey said...

My home sweet home flowers! My parents have both said they have not had enough rain for much blooming. I hope you have.

Ruth said...

My parents spent the last month in the San Antonio area. They like Texas very much, but I have only been in the Dallas and Houston airports. I do love wildflowers though, but always thought of Texas as being hot and flat and dry. Perhaps I should visit in the spring.

ann said...

You have a beautiful blog here.Just full of gogeous pics and lots of knowledge.Have you been aroungd?like me,do people even know you exist?they couldn't and not come back.I am going to spread the word too./..Ann

Deb said...

I love wild flowers, indian paint brushes are my favorite but you don't see many of those up here in the DFW area, lots of blue bonnets though, we were lucky Lady Bird started the whole planting wild flowers along the highway campaign

Dixie said...

It's amazing how the telephone poles in the first photo look like crosses... At first glance I thought that's what they were...
The 3 crosses at Calvery... look again!