San Antonio, Texas Zoo

I took a whirlwind tour of the San Antonio Zoo. It was so very beautiful. Every where I looked there were beautiful things to take pictures of. Come with me & see just a tiny bit of what I got to see that day.
sky vine flowers at San Antonio Zoo
What immediately captured my attention was the beautiful landscaping. San Antonio is a great place to grow many beautiful plants, trees, and bushes. The use of vegetation along with how the hardscaping was designed is definitely a huge reason by itself to take a tour if you are ever in or around San Antonio.

San Antonio zoo ducks
I had limited time that day so sadly, I did not see a good bit of the zoo because it is of substantial size. If you stay with the map you will end up at the gate you came into & see everything. The zoo is separated into continents. The Africa part of the tour was closed & being completely remodeled. I look forward to seeing that part when I get a chance to go again.

Beautiful flowers in San Antonio Zoo Again, the landscaping is fabulous.
San Antonio Zoo landscapeThis little guy lives under the deck & comes out to beg food.
Squirrel Some more of the beautiful landscaping
Watergarden in San Antonio Zoo Flamingos are a personal favorite of mine. I would love to own some but of course it wouldn't be too practical.
San Antonio Zoo Pink flamingo birdsNotice how the pools are built in layers for different depths
San Antonio Zoo animals birds I love how the habitats were built to look so natural.
Crane San Antonio
This guy likes to come out at night time so his habitat was built accordingly.
San Antonio Zoo animals Even the water gardens are absolutely gorgeous.
Purple flower in watergardenThe birds seemed to really be enjoying themselves
birds of San Antonio Zoo
Large waterfowl, birds San Antonio ZooThe plants chosen for the landscaping are fantastic
landscaping, green plants
Can you tell yet that the birds are a favorite for me. The cats are too but they were all sleeping that day because of the heat. I plan to go back during cooler weather. The monkeys & apes were so crowded that I gave up getting a good picture that day.
Water fowl, ducks
I loved these ducks. They are so unusual looking. Wouldn't it be fun to have a pair or two of every kind of duck. Of course I am a collector at heart but again probably not a very practical idea.
ducks, waterfowl, wild ducks, wild duck
This fellow was having a good time in the water that day. I was a bit jealous since it was so hot that day.
Bird at San Antonio Zoo, animals
there is a really nice butterfly house in the zoo as well. I really enjoyed my time in there. I could have easily spent the day there just taking pictures of the beautiful butterflies. They had really neat ideas for feeding butterflies. They had a birdbath with sand in it & they poured Gatorade in it for the butterflies to land on & drink. They also had a birdbath with oranges cut in half for the butterflies to land on and enjoy. The caretaker was very helpful with information.

butterfly, butterflies, green, The flowers in the butterfly house were also very beautiful.
butterfly on flower
The bears were in fine form that day. They were a bit playful so it was fun to watch them. This guy decided he was ready for a nap.
bear at San Antonio Zoo exhibit This bear was trying to decide whether to get wet & cool off a bit or not.
bear at San Antonio Zoo
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the San Antonio Zoo. I hope to return there again someday!
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Anonymous said...

I haven't personally been to a zoo since I was very little. Very nice pictures by the way, I love the pictures of the birds (I've always had an interest in birds).