Remembering Grandma

Here is a vintage post from way back that I thought you might enjoy.  It is one of my favorites.  
I was remembering my grandmas today as I began to sort through some of my vintage tablecloths. I just love the colors and prints.

I enjoy both the floral patterns as well as the fruit patterns

This one below belonged to my Grandma on my Mom's side and it is so well used that it must have been one of her favorites.

This bowl belonged to my Grandma on my Dad's side It was used also by my Mom for many years. It is one of my favorite things. I think it is beautiful in form and pattern. It is just the right size for. . .

Fresh Strawberries

My Grandma would slice them up and add a bit of sugar to coat them.

She would then take a yellow cake mix (she was very modern for her time) and she would bake it according to the package instructions.

She would pour it into an oblong cake pan . . .

and bake it at 350 degrees until it was baked golden.

Then she would put a piece on a pretty plate top it with the strawberries and some real whipped cream and voila! It was her version of strawberry shortcake. One of my favorites!

I just love remembering Grandma.
Until Next Time
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Stacey said...

Looks great! You have a wonderful collection of tablecloths. How lucky that some of them were passed down!

Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Debra! O I love all those vintage tablecloths! How lucky! This post made me think too of my grandmother's baking and the delicious choc cake with marshmallows she'd make for my birthday! I'm sure my grandmother slipped a "mix" in once in a while but with the extra grandma love you'd never know it wasn't scratch!!!lol Wow, I really miss my grandmother!!! Have a great week - Sincerely, Jeannette

Melissa Miller said...

This sounds so simple yet delicious.

~Thank you very much for sharing such a lovely memory with us. :)

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh what a Beautiful post!! first of all, I ADORE those table cloths, you are so lucky! the one with the cherries made me scream with delight!! Oh so so pretty! and I love your pan too, how sweet is that!! The recipe looks fabulous and since strawberry anything is my favorite, I will totally have to try that one! Thanks for sharing such beauties!

Wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs, Cynthia

ahealthyme said...

that makes me wish I had known both my great grandma's better...I wish I wasn't as young as I was when they went to the glory fields...I love you and love that you shared this it makes me feel closer to them...even if i can't eat strawberries..lol..

Girly Stuff said...

My granny taught me how to bake. She said you weren't really doing it right unless you used your fingers to scrape all the batter out of the bowl.

Just don't lick them while you do it.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Hi Debra~ I love your collection of vintage tablecloths... what wonderful memories them must bring to mind for you. Some look so familiar to me when I was growing up! And the strawberry shortcake.... well, what can I say! Delish! :)


lvroftiques said...

I love the old tablecloths!! They're so pretty, cheery and happy! Who could have a bad meal while eating on one? And that version of strawberry shortcake looks delish!! Vanna

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely post! The table clothes are beautiful and I just love Strawberry Shortcake! Some of my best memories are of my sweet grandma too :)


The Whispering Poppies said...

What a sweet post! And your tablecloth collection is amazing!!! This is such a loving tribute to your grandmother!

Dolly said...

Ouuuuu those cherry tablecloths made me scream!
I love love love them both!
Ouuuu lucky you!
I wish my gramas saved their pretty things for me!

And that strawberry shortcake is making my mouth water!
I think that will be a dessert for us one day soon.

Thanks for the sweet memories!!!

Hugz n Blessings,

Tammy said...

What a sweet post. I absolutely love the linen with the cherries and gingham. It is gorgeous!!! So cheery. It must be so nice to have pieces of the past to cherish and use.
Have a lovely day!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I have been visiting your blog many times during the last few months, and I enjoy every visit. You certainly know how to create an interesting and inspiring blog. Just wanted to let you know. I love remembering my grandmas too. Keep posting and I will keep on reading. By the way, I really like visiting your Beauty blog also.

Liz said...

Isn't it great that we get to have such sweet reminders of our grandmas?!