North Padre Island

My family visited North Padre Island on the same trip that we visited Corpus Christi.

We arrived early in the morning and we were almost completely alone on the beach.

The water was really nice. Much warmer than I expected. We were told upon entering the park about a special way to walk because stingrays like to rest in this area. We didn't get to see any sea creatures at all.

But we did see lots of little sand crabs

and the seagulls were plentiful

There were all kinds of birds and wildlife everywhere we went.

This little momma ground squirrel came up close to get a snack. Just as I threw her a bit of bread a seagull swooped out of no where and stole it. Naughty seagull!

There is just something about the beauty of the seashore that soothes and nourishes my spirit.

Our family enjoyed the seashore of North Padre Island very much.

On our way out we spotted these beautiful deer.
I would highly recommend a visit to North Padre Island if you are anywhere in the area. Click on the name to find more information.
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MoviesMoviesMovies said...

Really like your blog. I have actually never been to Texas but I do have some family and friends there and I am hoping to make it there before the end of 2010

sealaura said...

Hi there! My boyfriend is from TExas but we have yet to visit. I am thinking this is a place we need to visit. Thanks for the inspiration!

Susie Q said...

Try the Pelican (time share) on Mustang Island. Just over the hill from the beach and lovely. We stayed there for long weekends when we lived in Austin and I so miss it....we're Texas natives living here in CO...and I'm going to miss the bluebonnets again this year.

Ruth said...

If there is one thing I would change about the life I have lived, it would be to live near the ocean. Looks like a lovely spot.