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I looked through some of my garden pictures from the past couple of years and decided to show you a few. The picture below is a shot of my garden shed. It is attached to the picture of the aviary pictured in an earlier post. This building houses my garden supplies, tools, my cats my cages in which I keep my baby chickens & ducks, and the birds live in this building during the winter and during the nights. Of course the birds and the cats are separated in two different rooms. Inside there is also a really nice garden potting bench and a sink. Between the cats and some local raccoons I am constantly having to clean inside. I Use bleach water to mop the floors and clean out the side where the birds live. Every couple of years I repaint the walls in the bird room. I like to paint that room a sunny yellow so that it is light and bright for the birds. I love to decorate the outside of my shed to make it more cottage looking. We recently had the shed resided with metal siding & will repaint very soon so the next time you see pictures it will look different.

There are pink climbing roses that grow up the wooden lattice on the side. I am not sure what kind of roses they are. They were already planted when we moved into the house 6 years ago. I think possibly Queen Elizabeth. Planning to replace the lattice when we paint.

The holly plants in the yard were covered with branches all the way down to the ground when we moved in. One of the first things I did was to trim them into small trees so that I could use the valuable shady space beneath them to plant flowers. In Texas any shady spot is valuable. Most plants that require full sun in other places need some shade in Texas. I also like to plant some invasive types in shady spots to keep them under control.
Since the picture below was taken the shed has been given a new composition roof & new metal siding. The trees have been trimmed back to allow more sun on the roses & other plants.

I kept thinking the corner needed something as a focal point so I added a cement birdbath since this picture was taken. I will take pictures soon of some of the changes. There are also many more plants that have matured now & filled the bed up.

This is Tigger. He is standing on a rock piece that came with our home. It is a carved out rock that sat at the bottom of a rain spout at the corner of our old courthouse in town. The courthouse was quite an architectural wonder from what I understand. It was made completely of carved stone. The walls were all 1 foot thick stone & unlike anything else. I hate that the town elected to tear it down to build a more modern building but I did benefit because this piece came with my property. I hope to use it in a water feature eventually.
These are some yellow wildflowers that I let grow in one of my flower gardens. I just love happy accidents like this that occurs in nature.
This is an old burned out hallow tree stump that stands in the same garden as the wildflowers. The Blackfoot daisies at the bottom are some personal favorites. This must have been a day before I got it weeded I can see some weedy grass poking through. That weeding job seems endless some days and how in the world do they grow so fast?

The cats love this old hallow tree. Once I had a momma cat that even had baby kittens in the tree. I of course rescued them and found them a safer home. There are some more of those pesky weeds in this picture too.
I had a set of 2 of these clay pots. This was one of those accidents that happen when one of your kids was recently in the area. Of course no one knows exactly what happened or how. I made the best of things & used this part of the pot to make it look like a partially buried pot. Now it has soil inside & there is blue day flower that comes up in and around it. Makes a very pretty focal point as you walk up my stone steps.
This is another shot of one of my favorite reading spots that I have posted in an earlier post. I also love to bird watch out here & we also have a fire pit here for cooler evenings.
This is some other chairs that I placed a little away from the light green ones. You can see just a bit of my stone steps peeking out in the background. The stone steps are made with some of the stone from the courthouse building. You can also see the mate to the broken pot.
I like to let my ducks & chickens out to eat the weeds that come up in the rock & mulch in this area. they sure do make a mess though by moving the mulch around. It is quicker though to fix it back than to pull all the weeds myself. One of those time saving things that sure helps me manage some of the chores.
Here is a better view of the area before we added the Adirondack chairs or fire pit. There is also a water feature that I added made from an oval galvanized stock tank over to the right of the dried wood branch. If you look close you can see those pesky weeds that the ducks & chickens help me with.
The picture below is a shot of our tank (called a pond by everyone else in the country). When we first moved here we couldn't figure out why everyone wanted to swim in a tank. Then we figured out they were talking about ponds. We thought they were talking about a metal stock tank. This one is spring fed. It drops drastically toward the end of summer because of the drop in the water table due to local yard watering. We hope to eventually dig the pond out a bit deeper & get the sediment out as well as help control the cattails also. Then maybe I can plant a hardy water lily and maybe add some of the cement stepping stones like I posted on the zoo post earlier. It is a great place to have a picnic. I even enjoy coming down here when I mow the grass.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour. I should have some updated pictures soon as the weather warms to show you some of the changes that have occurred.
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Carla said...

How homey! I love looking at mature gardens, yours is so welcoming:)

Do you want to link up to Bloomin Tuesday today?

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Absolutely lovely. Oh and I love the cherub carving. What a gorgeous gardening space, the ducks, the chickens, and the cats.

We want to move to the country, it has been our dream for quite awhile now. And these beauiful photos have given me some great ideas.


Susie said...

Hi Debra, Thanks for the visit to my blog and leaving your comments. I simply loved the tour of your yard. It's a gardeners dream! I'm envious of your potting shed. Wish I had one. I enjoyed your blog much and will be back.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

It looks like a very welcoming and cozy area to hang out in. The birds are lovely.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I've had a lovely visit to your blog today. Thanks for leaving a comment at Robin's Nesting Place.

You have a beautiful property. The rock would make an awesome water feature!

Stacey said...

How pretty! I laughed about the tank comment. They are tanks to me too...so you have to judge the setting and decide if it's a tank or a pond. Right?

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your gardens are so pretty! I love the path and the aviary. I never heard of a pond called a tank before :)

Heidi ~ Birds of a Feather said...

beautiful! i can't wiat until spring has sprung around here (northeast!) this has been the worst winter - everyone keeps grumbling about it! thanks for the virtual getaway!
xo heidi

Gardeness said...

You have a wonderful garden. I enjoyed the garden "art" as much as the plants. That big old rocks is especially awesome. I love before and after scenes so I look forward to seeing your garden as it grows.

Susie said...

Thanks for letting us know about the car giveaway!

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Even your shed is a beautiful color! Wow, love the landscaping, lots of work, but as I can see, very well worth it!!