Finding Confidence

I have a closet full of clothes, well, maybe 2 closets if you count all the clothes that spilled into my daughters closet after she moved out. Okay, I will own it. Both closets are full, I love a good sale & good clothes so when the two merge then there I am to snatch them up if they pass my rules. They must fit, be comfortable, look flattering, & fit into my personal lifestyle now (not the dreamy one that every girl has but is never practical). Despite all that there are always those clothes that when I put them on they aren't quite right. Have you had those tops that look great when you put them on but as soon as you bend over or sit down they reveal more of "the girls" than is comfortable. Well, it happens to me quite a bit. The good news is that I have found a nifty product that fixes it in a cinch without sewing. It is called Maidenform Stay Put Fashion Tape

This is a double sided tape created to keep your clothes in place. As you know if you have followed me a bit, I read a lot of fashion books & magazines. One thing that I have learned is that even the famous have these problems. When they arrive on the red carpet there is a bevy of tricks, & products they use to arrive in such perfection. I have used stay put fashion tape for about a year or so & I love it. It has not harmed any of my clothes. It will stick fabric to skin or fabric to fabric and I can remove it easily when I want to. It really does give me confidence that I won't be flashing anything. If you need some confidence in this area then you might give this a try. You can find this product when you click on the name above or I have seen it at several of the fine department stores.


Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for any of the recommendations or mentions in this post.
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FallingForward said...

I've used something similar to this and I love it. I happen to be an A-cup (boo-hoo) so I have a hard time finding tops that fit right (suggestions?). I love the tape that sticks those v-necks right to my chest. The clothes stay put and no one knows!
As you know, I LOVE your blog and more than that, i think you are an amazing woman of God. Thank you for being a friend.

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Hi Debbie, this is such an fun blog!! Great tips..... I will be back for more!

Thank you for stopping by and adding yourself to my followers.... I hope you enjoy your visits.

I will put this blog of yours on my Unique Blogs to visit. ~Cheryl

sealaura said...

hola! I am curious baou that infomercial product where it lifts your bra up. Thanks for the tip on the tape.