Corpus Christi

Our family traveled to Corpus Christi a couple of years ago & we had a great time. I picked out a few pictures to share with you. These pictures are before the hurricane of 2008. We stayed right across the street from the Marina & it was so cool to wake up & see the marina first thing every morning.

I love the sights, the sounds, and even the smells of the marina.

This was one of the fishing boats that docked at the Marina. I love the name of the boat.
This boat reminded me of a pirate ship.
There were people lined up to take a ride on it.
A side view.
All along the marina shore line there were cement steps & sidewalks. It really stayed busy day & night with people out enjoying the sights.
There are beautiful hotels to stay in right on the marina. We ate lots of seafood & it was wonderful. We just couldn't get enough of the fresh seafood.

I just loved all the palm trees. We don't have too many that will grow in Seymour so I really enjoyed taking pictures of them. This fountain is right across the street from the Marina.
There are so many beautiful places to stop and rest & look out at the sea.

This is the Selena Memorial right on the end of the docks.

It was an amazing sight to see all the boats docked at the Marina.

This is the sidewalk along the docks.

I know that all the people who live on the coast get more than they want of pelicans & the gulls but us landlocked people love them. I love the sound they make & they are so fun to watch.
This guy acted like he knew I was taking his picture because he actually posed.
While we were there we also toured the USS Lexington, visited Mustang Island, Padre Island, rode a ferry, shopped for seashells and played on the beach. The only downside of the whole trip was that it rained a lot and so it was tough keeping my camera lens from sweating. But overall it was a wonderful trip that I would recommend to anyone.

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Country Romantic said...


I just found your site from Anne and I just had to click on this posting about Corpus Christi because we lived there about 15 years. We just moved to Missouri about 4 years ago. I did enjoy the beaches and birds a lot. And the seafood is sooooo good!! :)

It's nice to meet you and enjoyed your blog. :)

Hugs & Blessings,