A Good Hook And A Book

I know I need to just buy another new bra but I just cannot make myself do it when the only problem I am having is that the straps are falling and who wants to spend extra money in this economy? I have always had that problem. I can tighten them & for a bit they will be fine but before long down they go. This happens even on my fairly new bras (within 3 months). I have been professionally fitted & the bra meets every other criteria for a good fit. It lifts the girls to half way between my shoulders & elbows. The girls don't spill out when I lift my arms and they are not busting out over the top. The back fits well. It is just this strap problem. I was on a rant about it one day when I was out shopping with my daughter so she took me to Stein Mart to buy these neat little things that fix the problem. Not only do they keep
my straps up but they are great with tank tops. They keep my straps hidden completely. If that isn't enough they are also pink (my favorite color). You can find Strap Tamers at Stein Mart, JC Penney, Target, Dillards, Macy's and many other fine clothing stores. You can also order them online from many websites including their very own website. Some of the stores have changed the look of the package a bit but they will always come in the round holder and say Strap Tamers on the package.

This is another book that I enjoyed. This book takes a look into the "why's?" of what is in your closet. "I Don't Have A Thing To Wear" is about the Psychology of your closet. It was written by Judie Taggart and Jackie Walker who are both fashion experts. "They help you discover who you are inside so that you can dress for it on the outside and bring your closet into harmony with your life." I really enjoyed the part where they teach you how to discover your correct proportions and then how to dress those proportions on your body starting from the bottoms and then going up. They tell us in this book that if we will fit the bottoms first which is the hardest part to fit, then the rest will be easier. This book is a treasure trove of tips and how to's of dressing that I am glad to have on my bookshelf.

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Silver said...

This looks like it's something really cool to have.. but don't think i have seen it in the Retail Malls here though..

maybe will keep an eye when i travel ..

Stacey said...

Now I had been wondering about these. I actually saw them yesterday on the checkout stand at Bed Bath & Beyond.