Some Of My Favorite Garden Pics

It is Throwback Thursday again already.  It only comes every 2 weeks on my current posting schedule and I am so amazed how fast that two weeks seems to go.  I hope you enjoy my post from way back.  

I also have a Pinterest tip for you.  Have you ever found something on Facebook that you would love to pin?  Here is how you do it. Left click on the image then right click on the image.  Click copy image URL. Next open your Pinterest page.  Click on your name box in upper right corner of page. Click add a pin from drop down menu. Then paste url that was copied in box at bottom next to find images button. Click find images. Pin the image. Voila!  Make sure you don't pin anything that will violate privacy, copywrite or that will anger the owner. 

I just love the bright purple of these asters

This picture of a pink Mexican petunia and pink crepe myrtle is one of my favorites because of the play of light & shadows I caught this little beauty peaking over my fence from the neighbors garden. It is a white rose of Sharon This is Pedro hiding behind the grass.This is Spicy
Tigger thinks that he is hidden
There are chickens in my garden too.
This isn't the best picture but I love how the water drops from the sprinkler are caught in mid flight.

My sweet baby Autumn
Another sweet girl, Xandra

Looks like I need to rake pine needles again. Don't worry they get used for mulch in my flower beds. The pine cones are used as mulch in my flower pots. It keeps the cats out of them (they don't like their paws to be poked by the sharp pine cone tips)

There are ducks in my garden as well.
This is my oldest cat, Ricco (I named him after Ricco on Miami vice). He is even larger now (looks like a black lion) I call him the two timer because he spends much of his time at several of the neighbors who feed him & give him shelter. I can't seem to convince them that he has his own heated shed with beds & food. Except when he is sick then he suddenly becomes mine again.
This is Billlie the chicken
Who knew? Ducks really do walk in a row.
I took this in a beautiful water garden at the San Antonio Zoo.
This hangs on the side of my shed where the cats & birds live. Yes in the same shed but separated by a door. Everyone knows that cats & birds don't mix.
Another white rose of Sharon peeking over the fence.

The scent of this mimosa tree when in bloom is heavenly. I love to sit out under it when it is blooming.
I like to sit here sometimes at night when I come outside to look at the stars and talk to the Lord.

It gets pretty hot here but this thermometer seems to be permanently set there for some reason.
We like to come out here in evenings & roast marshmallows for smores. I so enjoy sitting here and watching the birds play & it is the perfect place to rest a bit after I finish mowing.
Until Next Time
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Dolly said...

Mmm your garden is very peaceful!
Love that green chair and that you have ducks and chickens and kitties too!
I have a pet Goose that roams my gardens!

Sending warm thoughts,

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love that you stop by, and even better that you leave me a comment. How else would I get to see your lovely blog. Chickens, ducks, and CATS. What more could I ask for.

I want chickens, I have had ducks, and once we get to live our dream, and move to the country, [ hence the name of the blog ], we are getting lots of cats.

Keep visting me, I will be dropping by yours on a regular basis.


The White Bench said...

Looove your flowers and animals! And I bet you have a gorgeous shed!!!
Just wanted to say hello...

Meadowview Thymes said...

Great pictures! Love all the animals--do you live out in the country? (my dream!) I'm not sure what part of Texas you are in...are you getting the ice like we are in the Dallas area?
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad to find another Texas blogging friend! :)

Sue said...

Good morning, I found your blog through a comment you made on Jan's blog. I figured you were a Christian, so I stopped by. I see you have more than one blog, too. I have a garden one and a Christian one. I love what you wrote in your "About Me" section. I am going to bookmark your blog, and hope to be back. My only problem is I have too many blogs I like, and already spend more time than I really have for reading them. I do hope to be back, though. I love your blooms and critters. Those ducks are pretty in the sun or the snow.


inadvertent farmer said...

YOu have a lovely garden. All you critters are the perfect ornaments for it! Kim

Titania said...

It was lovely to see all your pets. the beautiful cats, the colourful chicken,and the ducks. It was also nice to see around your garden with the flowers and the chairs ready for a well earned rest.

bettyl said...

That looks like such a wonderful place to be with all the 'friends' around. Just peaceful and perfect.

Jesikarena said...

Looks like a great place to talk to the Lord.

Achava said...

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