Darrouzett, Texas

Looking back towards Darrouzett Texas Lets go on a trip to a tiny little town at the very top of the Texas Panhandle. If you go 3 more miles to the North you will be in Oklahoma. This little hamlet of a town is really not close to anywhere except other little tiny Texas towns. It is 70 miles to the nearest Walmart in Woodward, Oklahoma. You can do a little shopping in a town to the East of here called Perryton, Texas. This little town is called Darrouzett, Texas. Most people when they hear that name then will ask, "Where is that?" & we proceed to describe the above things. When you are from Darrouzett you almost dread anyone asking where you are from because it takes a paragraph to describe where. Darrouzett is located on Highway 15 just a couple miles east of Highway 305. Why do I post about this town? It is because this is where I grew up. This town is a source of many fond memories for me. It is where I graduated from High School. My dad had a business there until his retirement. I met my husband there. We got married there and lived there for 10 years. All my children were born while we lived there.

Near Darrouzett Texas 1
Oil and gas production along with cattle and farming are the main forms of income. All the small businesses are directly effected by these.

Near Darrouzett Texas 2
All the drinking water for animals as well as for the people is pumped out of the ground from the Ogallala Aquifer. The water there has many minerals in it but it is some of the very best tasting water & it comes out of your faucet icy cold. Many of the farmers use the same water source to irrigate their wheat & milo crops.

Near Darrouzett Texas 3
Darrouzett is nestled in a little valley surrounded by beautiful rolling plains. It is the kind of place where buffalo used to roam. It is easy to imagine Indians roaming the plains here and many did. There have been many Indian artifacts found in the area.

In Darrouzett Texas 4

These are the Co-op grain elevators. The farmers bring their grain here to be stored & later sold to the market & then transported by train across the country. Once we had a local man who bought a small plane, taught himself to fly & would fly all around the place. He flew between a gap in the elevators & scared everyone so now there are cross pieces of metal placed across the gap to prevent that from happening again. At night the people in town are put to sleep by the steady hum of the elevators.

In Darrouzett Texas 5
This is the First United Methodist Church where I was first baptized and my family attended for many years. In the left side of the picture you can see a sign for Cottonwood Connection which is a really cool store that sells various art & craft items along with home made food goods all made by local artisans & cooks.

In Darrouzett Texas 6
This is the First baptist Church. This is where I was saved at a revival in 1976 and then in 1981 my husband proposed to me in front of this church.

In Darrouzett Texas 7 Another shot of the Co-op.
In Darrouzett Texas 8
This is a shot of Main Street from the South Side of Town. If you walk all the way around the edge of town you will have walked exactly 2 miles.

In Darrouzett Texas 9
These are the public tennis courts. I spent many hours here playing tennis or basketball. Once we picked up the small car of a friend & set it over the fence on the courts. Darrouzett is the kind of place where people like to play practical jokes & I have many many stories of some of those jokes. It wasn't unusual to try to get into your car & find a hay bale sitting in your seat or to find your car axles on blocks. Once we had an incident where a local man jumped out of his pickup as it was going down the street because someone had put a rattlesnake into a paper sack, stapled it shut & set it in his pickup floorboard. He had got in without noticing it & jumped out when he heard the rattle. People on a ladder painting their house would mysteriously get phone calls that would hang up as soon as they answered. Most have good sense of humors & rather than get mad would cook up something to get even.

In Darrouzett Texas 10
This is a picture of the town's only quick stop. You can purchase gas a few groceries or have a burger in the restaurant.

In Darrouzett, Texas 11
This is a picture of the post office. There is not at home delivery of mail here unless you live out in the country.

In DArrouzett Texas 12
In the middle of this block is what used to be known as First National Bank of Darrouzett. It was closed in 1985 by FDIC which was a severe blow to the community. The building has been remodeled into a really nice bed & breakfast called The Last Buffalo. The owners of this inn are outfitters for local hunting. Hunters travel from all over to come here & hunt pheasant, dove, quail or deer.

In Darrouzett Texas 13
This is a picture of city hall. It isn't fancy but it is the headquarters for the trash service, water & sewer department, Fire Department and the ambulance service.

In Darrouzett Texas 14 Another view of Main Street
In DArrouzett Texas 15
This is a picture of what used to be my father's business. He was a mechanic in Darrouzett for about 30 years.

In Darrouzett Texas 16 Another view
In Darrouzett Texas 17
This is a picture of the Darrouzett Independent School District. This is where I graduated from high school. It houses grades K thru 12. When I graduated there were any where from 85 to 100 kids. I graduated in a class of 12. My brothers class was a class of 2 & there was even a year with a class of 1.
In Darrouzett Texas 18Another view

In Darrouzett Texas 19
This is the gymnasium. Darrouzett has a beautiful gym. It is made entirely of knotty pine The floor, walls & even the bleachers. I have never seen another gym like it.

In Darrouzett Texas 20
This is the St Paul's Lutheran Church where I was married. It was the only church in town that would hold everyone.

This is out at the Darrouzett City Park
More of the City Park

The only place you will find trees in this part of the country is along creeks, ponds or around houses or towns.

There are pump jacks everywhere in the area. I still love the sound of Ajax motors because there used to be one near my home.

Some cattle that belong to a local rancher. You can read about many of the local ranches in a book called The Panhandle Cowboy by John Erickson writer of Hank The Cow Dog Books. He is a writer who lives in the area.

This area is a rugged place but beautiful even in the dead of winter. I never found a time when the area was not beautiful. It is a place that has beautiful green grass & green wheat fields in the spring with little dots of spring flowers. In April there is a flock of buzzards that arrive each year to circle over the town till it gets cold. Spring time also brings huge thunderstorms and even tornadoes at times. It is so cool to watch them build during the day. They can be quite beautiful to watch. You can see them come from miles away. In summer the fields are golden with wheat ready to be harvested. On the first weekend each July, Darrouzett has a German Festival called the Deutsches Fest where you can eat really good German food, see a melodrama, or play in an old fashioned softball tournament, & many other activities. In fall there are not a lot of trees to turn colors but the ones that are there (mostly cottonwoods) turn bright golden yellow. & other various shades of fall colors. The sky is almost always bright blue & the stars are so clear at night that it takes your breath away. In winter there are huge snow storms that blow in. While I lived there I never saw the snow fall. It always blew sideways. A couple of inches would turn the roads into huge drifts of snow that were taller than houses. You always knew to get to the store for groceries when you would see a bank of clouds coming from the North in winter. It isn't unusual to have snows of 14 inches or so. One thing I have not mentioned yet is the wind. It blows 365 days of the year. In summer time it is a nice cool breeze that cools the nights off so you can open the windows. In fall it picks up & really begins to blow more then in winter & spring it is not unusual to have 70 to 90 mile per hour winds. The wind is definitely a negative but at the same time it really made it nice in summer. I loved living in Darrouzett. Our family was sad to have to move away. It is a place with good people, good food, & good fun.
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Catherine said...

Hello again Debra!
I am thrilled~ getting to see a town in Texas~via your lovely captures..even if it is a town I've never heard of~it's still Texas! :)
I will visit again soon!

Stacey said...

Debbie, I was born in San Antonio and grew up in the Dallas area. The pictures you just showed I think best represent what people think of when they think of the great state of Texas. ;)

The Renaissance Chick said...

I know Darrouzzet! I am trying to think who I know from there. Probably someone in the school system. Thanks for sharing these great pics!


Jerry Tennant said...

I just found your website--well done and thanks! I graduated from Darrouzett in 1957. In the photos above, you say that your dad was a mechanic for 30 years. You show my dad's original hardware store (with the Champion Sign)that he bought in 1948. Next door was the mechanic shop owned by his great friend, Mannie Cessna. Dad eventually enlarged the store and moved to what is now the Lewis mechanics at the end of main street. The store that was our first hardware store became Carl Woods' shoe repair. I know that Mannie Cessna eventually moved to East Texas as I took Dad to see him in the hospital there before he died. I don't know who took over his mechanic business. Was it your dad?
I am a physician in Dallas. You can see my website at www.tennantinstitute.com.
Thanks for the great website. It brings back a lot of memories.
I don't spend time on blogs, so if you want to communicate, please send it to me directly.

Jerry Tennant

Christina and photography by Buddy said...

Loved every moment of this post of your old small town in Texas, excellent work!

Mistie said...

It's wonderful to see someone who loves Darrouzett put it into words and photos. I didn't know this website was even here! I'll be in Darrouzett for the Deutsches Fest this year for the first time since I graduated high school back in '01.
Glad to see this on the web.
~Mistie Hitt~

Anonymous said...

Thanks Debbie It has been alot of years since we lived there. I don't even think the youngest remembers living there. Dawn and you made living there a lot of fun. I have some great memories.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Haley. I've lived in San Antonio for the majority of my life. (10 out 13 years if you must know) My family and I are all tired of San Antonio, the city, and the 2 seasons. (summer and fall) So, I have been researching Darrouzett and a few other small towns. So far, Darrouzett is my favorite. I really enjoyed the words and photos about it. Thanks!

Pat said...

The wonders of the net! I am an Ozzie living in the middle of Queensland [ cattle ranch] and it was so interesting to read of your town and see the way the farmers water their cattle. My home town, 20 miles away, [ born and bred] has a pop of 80 and is so like yours.

N. said...

Howdy Debra! TEXAN Lady Gal here! I absolutely LOVE your Teeny Tiny Town! Wonders cease to amaze me how simple the town is yet how wonderful the folks there seem to be...you speak of days that sound as if they just happened and still are. LOL! I would LOVE to LIVE in Darrouzett, Texas. I reckon due to my age, I'd have to live sum whar near a larger city. If I had the years, Deb, I'd go back and grow up thar! LOL! I'm lookin' to move to Perryton or smaller surroundin' towns near Amarillo would suffice for now. BUT, I'd definitely make the drive to Darrouzett. It just seems the place to grow up and familiarize yourself with the basics of livin' a simple life and appreciate life for what it is..."Simple and uncomplicated!" LOL! many Blessin's to you and your Debra, for sharin' a part of you, Dear Soul! Mrs. Norma G. Little

MaribellaJosefina said...

Darrouzett is a Definite Amazing Town! I go to the High School, I'm going to be a Junior this year:) Class of 2012:D
I love it, I almost know everyone here, I go to Church at First baptist Church. It's Amazing:)
I used to live in Perryton, Then I moved to Darrouzett so I wouldn't have to get up so early. but i do like it ALOT.
The school is AMAZiNG. Theres new people to meet ever semester.
I transfered my 8th grade year, and It's still fun and new people come every year.
& Darrouzett is One of a Kind.

Marcia T Brehmer said...

My cousin Anita Moss just sent me pic of her visit to Darrouzett last May. Both our mother's grew up there...Doris & Polly Montgomery and their dad (our grandparents) AH & Addie Montgomery. I have visited Darrouzett a long time ago, so it's nice to see how it looks today. If anyone has any stories about my family in Darrouzett, I would love to have them for our family history records.
Many thanks!
Marcia Turner Brehmer
Chino Valley, Arizona

Sandy Jankovich on calif's coast said...

My husband is interested in 1952 intl trucks and saw one located on the internet in Darrouzett. The RandMcNalley Atlas didn't list your town ,thankfully you did!Sounds like a great community!

Anonymous said...

I lived part of my childhood outside of Darrouzett, Texas on a lease called the Nellie Gray. We got out mail out of Darrouzett. There was a drug store back then that made the most amazing cokes. I loved that little place. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you for the postings.

texasdaisey said...

Jeannie, I had many cokes in that little drug store. Sadly one of the owners sold the old soda fountain to someone who took it to Red River, NM. I have many fond memories of fun times in that drug store too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, Thanks for the info on your town. My family lived their for many years from the 20's on. My grandpa was Glenn Brown, his brother's were Bob and George Brown. My dad is Billy George Brown. He has some half sisters, one of their names was Tonya, don't quite remember the others. My dad went to the school you went to about the mid 40's. My grandmother was from the area and her name is jeanette Laubhan. Her dad was John Laubhan. He owned many business in town and her brothers owned several business interest in Woodward. My father is still alive and is telling me many stories about growing up in Darrouzett. My dad was born in a little dug out of a house next to a creek and a windmill. That was the best water i ever tasted.Thank you for sharing your past, loved it. Daryl Brown

Anonymous said...

Debbie, it was great to read your blog and see the photos of Darrouzett! My grandparents lived on the old Frass Ranch for many years, then moved into town on Cherry Street. They are now buried in the cemetery on the west side of town (as is my father). My mother even purchased spaces for me and my brother & sister, so I will likely end up there one day. :)

I have many great memories of Darrouzett. Thank you again for posting this.

Bob Browder said...

Just discovered the web site. I lived in Darrouzett(Darrouzette) from June 1956 to June 1960. My father was minister at the 1st Methodist Church during this time. My mother taught across the line at the Sunset School in Ok, then taught in Booker later. Have many wonderful memories of my time there. Ran into Grover Crum's son in college. had the old Crum's General store. Remember the Andricks City Drug. Your pictures brought back many memories. Always plan to take my Bike and ride up there. Just never happens. Thanks
Bob Browder
Joshua, Texas

Debra Howard said...

Bob, you should plan to go the 1st week of July sometime. The town has a big German Festival and lots of folks come back for that. It usually starts Thursday night and runs all the way till Sunday Morning with a City wide church service under the big top downtown. There is a big meal at noon on Saturday with Bierox, german sausage, noodles, kuchen, and butter balls. They also perform a melodrama several times, a dance on the tennis courts Saturday night and many other activities go on through the weekend

Debra Howard said...

You are so welcome! I lived on Cherry Street too and I know the people who live out on Frass Ranch now. Darrouzett is a good place to live.

Debra Howard said...

It is good to meet you Daryl, I grew up with a girl named Bobbie Brown and I dated a boy many many years ago named Brock Laubhan. He lived over at Follett. Darrouzett and all that area is a very good place to be from and a good place to be. It is amazing how many people I run across who are from there.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, well said. Darrouzett was and is a wonderful place. My great Aunt and Uncle owned the drug store for many years. Lou Rea Hudson owned it for a while and I worked for her there. She gave me my first job when I was 12, washing dishes. She was a great lady and I miss her. The stories I could tellof us working in the Coffe Hut during harvest, I was 15 or 16 and got an education. Some one need to write a book of stories from Darrouzett. The ones of us that have things we would like to share could send to a person willing to compile it . I think it would be a great humanity humor story book. something to think about. I would be willing to do this and get it sent to publishers and see if we can't get it into print. Lori Smalley Umberger.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your site. It brought back many memories from my childhood during the 60's and early 70's. The town seems to be the same as it was back then. Ive only been back for my grandparents funerals, Leon and Merle Chappell. I think I will try to make it to the festival this year. I can almost smell the Bierock.
Terry Miller

Debra Howard said...

Terry, I am so glad you enjoyed my post. I have many fond memories of that little jewel of a town. Those bierock are so very good too! Maybe I will see you at the Festival this year!

Unknown said...

I've lived in Darrouzett pretty much all my life. My parents moved here in 1976. I was born in 1978. My dad worked for oilfield company called Amaco production and tended to many of the wells around the area. I remember going into bank as little girl but that was short lived as it closed when I was 7. The corner drug store that Mrs Hudson ran had best fountain drinks and ice cream. I remember sitting on shinny medal bar stools at the counter. Now corner drug is a cafe called "Corkies Corner" ran by James Bentley. His grandmother Corkie owned a cafe in town for many years in between the bank and mechanic shop. Also remember grocery store being in town next to senior citizens building and right next to grocery stores was Doyle Grace interior motives he was jack of all trades could fix any appliances and sold some nice ones too. Unfortunately he passed away few years ago. Then next Interior motives was Ragan locker where you can get your meat butchered and they sale the best German sausages! I remember cruising main and hanging out at tennis court and playing basketball late 80s early 90s. I still live in Darrouzett raising my kids here as it's a very peaceful loving town. One thing about this town if you where doing something you where not suppose to your parents got a phone call before you got home! Both of my parents (Jerry & Nedra Turner) have passed away but my parents really loved this town and the people in it. I've moved away few times but always came back here because it was home and there was no other town as peaceful and loving as Darrouzett!