Change Your Look On The Cheap

Believe it or not I was once a Beauty Consultant a lifetime ago and I do have a few tricks of my own that I will share with you. (I know it is hard to believe that I have let myself get into such a state currently, I guess time just passed and I went nuts & quit going by my basic guidelines. I do however know how to make a very small closet full of clothes stretch to the max. My daughters' friends would come over take a look in their closets and ask where they kept all their clothes because they were always dressed so well. Here is one of my secrets . . .

You need a minimum of 2 different solid color suits which includes a jacket with either a skirt or pants (let your life dictate what fabrics and style you buy.) Next buy a printed skirt or pants (but not too matchy matchy) Add to those a pair of jeans, a cardigan, and at least 3 to 5 different tops. At least one of those tops needs to be dressy. Keep in mind this is just a basic beginning. Now where you should spend the bulk of your money is on accessories. You would be amazed at how just changing your accessories will change an outfit completely. The clothing pieces should all mix and match to make different outfits. It is fun to take these pieces & see how many outfits you can come up with. Add different accessories like belts, scarves, jewelry, shoes & then take pictures of each outfit to put into a look book or style file. That way when you are looking for something to wear you can check the pictures & remember that great outfit you created. *One of the hip tips* that I have learned is to not let your pieces be too matchy when you wear them. Only one piece of denim at a time. As you go out to shop look for pieces to add to the current pieces that you already have such as a cute dress that you can wear one of your jackets with or more printed pieces to mix in. Keep a running list of things that you need to complete an outfit that way when you happen upon that great sale you don't fall for just anything but instead you stick to the list. This will cause your closet to evolve into a wardrobe that works for you. This same system can be used to put together a wardrobe to suit any situation. Keep in mind where you will be wearing these when deciding what pieces to start with. A stay at home mom would start with some very casual looking 2 piece sets & go from there. It is amazing how chic you will look when you throw a cute jacket or cardigan over those standby jeans & add some cute accessories. There is a catalog, Newport News that does a good job of putting basic pieces together to make wardrobes my only caution would be to not stay with such limited color or fabrics so that your look doesn't look so similar with each outfit, especially with the two beginning suits.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for any of the recommendations or mentions in this post.
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Stacey said...

Great ideas. Hey I've always had a hang up that purses had to be leather. Earlier today I saw the cutest purse at Target...after the sniff test I decided it wasn't leather. What's your opinion?

Speaking of not being too matchy..check out bodenusa.com
The clothes are kind of expensive in my opinion. However, I love how they mix colors in ways that I wouldn't normally. It makes me feel braver to look at some of the things they do. I've been haunting the clearances on the website.

Keep those ideas coming!

delighted heart said...

Hi Debra....Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. It seems we have a lot in common starting with 3 kids, small texas town, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit...moving on to decorating, flea markets and beauty consultant. I was one a long time ago too! Great tips by the way! I'm trying to remember where in Texas Seymore is located. Let's keep in touch...us Texas girls need to stick together!

delighted heart said...

I'm located in NE Texas in Sulphur Springs. 40 miles north of Canton home of the big flea market. We spent a lot of time in Abilene..our son Bo graduated from Hardin-Simmons 18 months ago and played baseball there 5 years so we were out there a lot. Looking at all your interests...I would say I could probably list 90% of them myself including Target! I have to drive 75 miles to the nearest one! I've been wanting to read the Bill Johnson book..When Heaven Invades Earth. No too long ago I read There Is More! by Randy Clark...I love to read what God is supernaturally doing around the world. How old are your kids? Ours are Daughter 28, Son 25 and his fiance 24- wedding December, Son and wife 23 with baby due in May. SO this year is going to be a busy one for us. We have been extremely blessed. So how do you keep up with 2 blogs?

FallingForward said...

I love the advice! I will be 38 next week and I work outside the home, but I can dress casual. I LIKE to look pretty & feminine but my closet might not show that b/c most of what I buy is on clearance and I shop for the price sometimes, more than the actual piece. And I NEVER invest in accessories. I think it's time to purge my closet and take your ideas to Salvo and get some "new" things. Thank you, again!