All These Clothes But Nothing To Wear

I need to get ready for the day so I go to my closet which is jam packed with clothes, (in fact I have two closets that are jam packed since my daughter moved out) and I can not find anything to wear. I pull out several different pieces (some still have the tags on them) and I try them on till finally, frustrated, I hang them back up & put on the old standbys. It is funny how this plays out day after day, especially when you can see clearly how many clothes I own. It isn't a size problem because when I thought of that I cleared out everything that didn't fit and gave them away. It isn't a quality problem because I have some really nice clothes and I like them all. There are plenty to mix and match so that isn't it. I would get help from my daughters & they do a great job of helping but sometimes what they say is hip just doesn't look too hip on me. I just can not seem to pull it off sometimes and frustration seemed to be a constant companion when I was trying to get dressed. I was about to give up completely and resign myself to just keep wearing the same old things and hope they never went out of style when I happened upon this book. Nothing To Wear helped me to see what the problem was. It helped me to define my wardrobe personality along with my lifestyle & put together a wardrobe that fit both of these. What happens is that you own less clothing, spend less, shop less, & yet you have more outfits to wear because you learn how to shop for specific pieces and how to use all your clothing. Take a deep breath though because there is work to be done before arriving to that goal. If this sounds like something you struggle with, then Nothing To Wear may help you as much as it did me.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for the recommendations or mentions in this post.
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Suzanne said...

Happy New Year. This is so very true. Purchase the basic which NEVER go out of style. Little black dress(a must) white shirt, etc. Accessorize is the key!!!! Makes ALL the difference. good luck and enjoy! Love and Prayers, Suzanne

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hmmm. Me thinks I need to do this, but I am afraid if I go into my closet, it'll neve let me out!!

Stacey said...

Please share what they say!! I have clothes with tags on them. Yet I still alternate between the same old faded jeans day after day!

I agree with Suzanne that accessories make the difference. I have a good friend who always looks so pulled together. It's her accessories that make it happen.

Stacey said...

OK. I just went through all of the entries on this neat little blog that I didn't know you had. :)

I was shopping with that accessory friend of mine that I referred to earlier...I picked up a cute top from the sale rack at Talbots and commented about liking it. She burst out laughing and said that everything I have looks like that. She said, "Break out of the box girlfriend!!"

I'm trying!!

Susancnw said...

Here's hoping! I wear jeans to work and have some dress pants but it would be nice...and I do need to lose some weight so more of it will fit!

Country Girl said...

Some really good advice in this blog you have here!

Silver said...

sounds a lot like me.. a line that usually follows when i pull open the doors to my wardrobe!


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