Dreaming of a White Christmas

I just love Christmas time, it is so special to me. It reminds me of my Lord's birth to the World and all that He did & does for me. I enjoy the hustle & bustle as long as it is for a short season. I love buying gifts for others & the excitement of opening gifts given to me. I enjoy going to parties, parades, open houses, school programs, & Christmas events. I so appreciate the Christmas music & sounds of laughter & joy. I love the scents of gingerbread, Christmas trees, hot cider, cinnamon, & crackling fires. I especially enjoy decorating for Christmas. I know what you are saying, "It takes so much of our energy and time", but I think it is worth it to make the birthday of our Saviour special. I know that it has been commercialized & made to be what it was never intended to be & that saddens me, but I so love the essence of Christmas. It is the thought of the gifts, the enjoyment of the events & decorations that count not the quantity. There is such a vast array of styles & colors that people use to decorate & all of them are beautiful in their own special way. I like to decorate my living room primarily in white and gold for the holidays. I add little touches of color with the sparkled fruit & ornaments on my tree.

Have a Merry Christmas Season!
Until Next Time
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Stacey said...

I just love all of your white. It's very pretty. :)

Denise Elizabeth said...

Hey, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I also love CHRISTmas!
Hugs and Blessings Denise

sandra/tx said...

Stunning. I love the white and gold -- it really makes a lovely statement.

LillyB said...

All of your pictures are beautiful!! Have a wonderful day!!


Hi Debra,
Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a such a lovely blog and a welcoming home. How beautiful your Christmas looks for our traditional celebration of Jesus's birthday!

Winter blessings,

kari and kijsa said...

Love all your whitre! beautiful!! We have a fun giveaway of a target gift card today with the AHA for go red! A little early Christmas gift!

kari & kijsa

Trisha said...

Your "white christmas" decorations are just gorgeous!

Trisha Evans
a vintage white