Spanx Not Your Mother's Girdle

I have discovered that going into my 40's means that many things are going south. Things just aren't in the same place that they have been previously. There are lumps, bumps, sags, & other unmentionables all over the place. I have decided that I will not give in graciously. I have discovered some great things that help tremendously. One of those items are Spanx. These babies really help control the figure so that I can once again wear clingy clothes without fear. The best part is that they are actually comfortable. I can breathe & move when wearing them (this by a person who really doesn't like to be uncomfortable.) They are a little tricky to get on but once accomplished Voila' , the lumps & bumps are smoothed out & I am inches smaller. They come in several different styles. I personally like the higher power panties that cover from the bra down the thighs. I also like wearing the opaque tights in the winter months. Spanx can be found at Lane Bryant, Coldwater Creek, & several other stores as well as online stores such as Bare Necessities. If you are having some of the same issues I definitely recommend Spanx.

Note: This was not a paid post and there was no exchange of goods or services for the recommendations or mentions in this post.
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Liz said...

Hey! I actually have a pair of these! I can't say that I actually love them but they certainly are beneficial...
: )


Suzanne said...

I hear you friend. I started gaining weight in my fifties. I ordered my from QVC (high waist) a few months ago. They are g r e a t !!! A little challenging to get on, but well worth the struggle. Allows you to fake it until you loose it. Love and Prayers, Suzanne