A Very Cherry Mary Engelbreit Kitchen

Here is another Throwback Thursday favorite of mine...Since this post I have added some painting to my table and chairs...They have Cherries on them now.  What fun they were to paint. That was several years ago and I still enjoy my Very Cherry Table and Chairs just as much!  Hope you do too.

I just love the shabby chic look & I have most of my rooms in that kind of decor but in my kitchen I love to decorate in the kitschy Mary Engelbreit style (my poor dear hubby is embarrassed to admit he knows who she is because he has heard me talk about her so much) This is one place where I want to be stimulated with bright saturated color & the textures of my collections. I don't want exhaustive collections & I don't require perfection. I have found that it is usually the imperfect items in my collections that I enjoy the best. I guess it must be the sense of history that imperfections imply. People who actually used their belongings were once the owners of these items. I have a rule in my house that there is nothing off limits to be used. Pretty is as pretty does has a whole new meaning in my home. I enjoy using all my items as well as displaying them. These expressions of decor in my home also describes the people in my life. It isn't the perfect people who are most attractive to me, it is the seeing the real person under that pretty exterior. Getting to know someone, seeing the faults & warts & still loving them despite their flaws. I look at the beauty of the whole picture, the history, the nostalgia, the newness of the unknowns. That makes life much more interesting don't you think?

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Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Your kitchen is very Mary Engelbreit like...I love it! The red accents are sooo cheery! :-) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Was today your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday! Susan

Stacey said...

I like your kitchen a lot! This was a very sweet post. :)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I LOVE your kitchen! It is so cheerful and warm! That white cabinet is GORGEOUS!!!

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving, late!

Lisa said...

OH! You LOVE RED too!!!

Hugs, Lisa

Jenny Lynn said...

I love what you have done.